A Window Toward Development

Armand Company is world brand of prefabricated and well known in Middle-East

We are keeping on to be your solution partner by manufacturing all kind of multi-purpose prefabricated buildings like:

 Military Camps - Office & job site - Worker Camps - Information & Guard structures - Schools, Hospitals & Health clinics - Showrooms - Hotel & motel - Cafes & Sales Centers - Multi- purpose structures.

Our Products Model in 2019


Hospital Projects

Given the emergency and pressing conditions in the area, Our design of hospital possibility of reassemble and assemble during 10 days without any damaged.

School Projects

Over the past years, we have built prefabricated schools for clients from government agencies, private schools and a number of international NGO organizations.

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Home Design 

The engineering department of Armand company tries to offer our customers, The value of design, That effect on our lives and community


Dam Project / Bawanur  
Military Camp / Atrush 
Erbil Airport   

S t a f f  D e v e l o p m e n t 

R E F E R E N C E  

We are proud because there are many international organizations have chosen us to offer them our work in prefabricate, This makes us keen to strive to offer what is best.
3 D     D e s i g n s

E n v i r o n m e n t

Armand Company has set its own principles of how to become part of the environmental conservation

 and guiding their staff to find method to reduce the waste and recycling.