Has been developing  and manufacturing all kind and size of prefabricated buildings, caravans modules, standard modular structures and mobile homes for years, we are leading Kurdistan region and all Iraqi country.
The company established in 1992. At that time it's just small shop of blacksmith, later we add more workshops and the name was Aso Factories Groups, which consisted of four workshops for steel, Aluminum and PVC works like doors, windows and gates.
From the beginning, our aim was to develop our business, thus after ten years, We were able to open our first special exhibition for our products in May 18, 2002 in Erbil.
Later on we changed the name from Aso Factories Group to Armand Company for Caravans and Prefabricate buildings, We expanded and developed our business to include manufacturing all kind and size of prefabricated buildings - mobile cabin - container - site engineer camp - learning center – clinic center, multi-purpose camps, and now we are offering to our clients in years thousands M2 of professional solutions in prefabricate

Armand History 

Armand company workshops in 2009